Once your new hardwood flooring has been laid, you will need to take care whilst maintain the flooring and whilst you're enjoying the joys of your new hardwood floors.

The hardwood flooring expert will've told you how your hardwood flooring ought to be maintained and they'll have given you tips and guidance on what you can and cannot use on your hardwood floors.

Water can be particularly damaging to hardwood flooring. Particular care and attention ought to be paid whilst it is being cleaned to ensure that there's no excess water on the wood that could soak into the wood and potentially cause damage. Among the wonderful things about hardwood floors is that it may be brushed with a soft bristle brush or vacuumed before it is mopped. When you're mopping your new hardwood flooring, the mop should be strained of just as much water as you can.

Should there be any spillages of liquids onto your hardwood flooring, it is crucial that they be cleaned up quickly. Liquids, especially colored fluids can seriously harm hardwood flooring and potentially leave a blot on the wood.


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